Sight is one of our most used and powerful senses - we heavily depend on our eyes to perceive the world around us. This, naturally, also includes our food. Funnily enough, we identify our mealspredominantly not by taste, but by sight and smell. Dinner in the Dark is an adventure that seeks to remove our sense of sight from the arithmetic of food flavor and let's you experiment solely with smell and taste with the help of a provided eye mask.


A three course meal provided by our ESN team. Of course, we will keep the exact menu a surprise from you to enhance the experience; there will be a vegetarian option too!


We will meet on the 23rd of October, 7 pm
TÜWI 2nd floor by the staircases

*** COSTS ***

8 € per person
6€ with your ESNcard (for a three course meal!!)


We have exactly 8 free spots. Please pay in advance at the ÖH Office. Cash Payment is only allowed in exceptional cases.

ÖH Office opening hours:!!

You can register here: (Be quick, only 8 places available ;) )

We hope you have a great time and a nice meal / adventure!
Your ESN BOKU Team